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Convince yourself, without any obligation or risk, how you can improve your organization's performce with KONSEC Konnektor.

The software identical to the licensed version, without any limitations. And naturally you won't have to reinstall after purchase-- your installation remains active. Test KONSEC Groupware for 30 days before making your decision.

KONSEC Konnektor 2
KONSEC Konnektor german (10 MB)
(incl. 30-day-trial-license)
KONSEC Konnektor english (10 MB) (incl. 30-day-trial-license)
KONSEC Konnektor french (10 MB) (incl. 30-day-trial-license)

KONSEC Single License Installer 4 ( 1,3 MB)

KONSEC Konnektor manuals
KONSEC Konnektor 2.0 manual german (PDF; 1 MB)

KONSEC price list and flyer
KONSEC price list german 04.2006
KONSEC price list english 04.2006
KONSEC Konnektor flyer 03.2006
Kolab flyer 03.2006